Trèfle fucking noir

Welcome in our jungle, where no honor is above death.
Where lurking in the shadows, waiting for the perfect kill is an obsession.
Welcome to the french quality guild Trèfle Noir.

Yes, We gank both sides

Alliance & Horde

There is no safe spot for our ennemies.
This is why we have characters in both Horde & Alliance.
Just for extra fun... You know.

The most vicious guild, ever.

World PVP is a fierce battle where there’s no rule.
Treason, sneackiness and smartness are part of the job. Deal with it.
Go to the wall of shame

The uprising

Les trompettes retentissent et déchirent le ciel d'Hurlevent, c'est l'heure.

La haute stature féminine de la guerrière draeneï avance vers la lumière dans ce couloir sombre. L'atmosphère humide souligne la forte odeur de renfermé typique des corridors parcourant les surplombs de la capitale.

- Les armées se lèvent Monseigneur, il est l'heure.

got what it takes?

Try to convince us

Be geared, be merciless, and maybe you'll join us.
We are everywhere, indivisible.